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    Company Profile

    Company Profile

      Megmeet is a global provider of industrial automation and power supply solutions. We operate in three areas: industrial automation & control, smart home appliances and custom power supplies. Megmeet solutions have been commonly used in a wide range of products including medical equipment, telecom products, IT equipment, smart home appliances, and means of transport, high efficiency lighting systems, flat panel displays, electric vehicles, electric charging systems and others.

      Since 2003, Megmeet has assembled a large experienced power electronics and control technology workforce, including 500 technical professional. Led by an international management team, Megmeet has launched a world class R&D, test and manufacturing platform that is certificated with  ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, and ISO16949. With more than 300 patents, Megmeet has over 600 clients in more than 40 countries.

    Locations Include:

    - Megmeet Headquarter: Shenzhen Science & Technology Park 

    - Megmeet Shenzhen R&D Center

    - ZhuzhouMegmeet Pilot Manufacturing Center

    - ZhuzhouMegmeet Global Manufacturing Center

    - Zhuzhou Wavelane technology Co. Ltd.

    - Hongkong, MegmeetHongkong, Ltd.

    USA California: Megmeet USA Inc

    Zhejiang Smart Home Appliance R&D Center

    - Megmeet Shanghai Business Support and Service Center

    Megmeet Nanjing R&D Center( in process)